What are the top 10 automobile companies in the world 2021?

The automobile industry is developing day by day. It is always updating with a lot of innovations and new features. On the other hand, it has become a significant industry that provides its contribution to the world economy compared to other ones. Then, what are the top 10 automobile companies in the world now? Let’s find it out with this article!

10.Renault-Nissan Alliance

Renault-Nissan Alliance is a Japanese company, and it was established in 1933. They have manufactured more than 275,000 electric vehicles now. Nissan Motor offers 93,814 models for their customers. In addition to that, they are operating in 20 countries and provides their faithful services for more than 160 nations.

9.Foat Chrysler Automobiles

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles owns a market capitalisation of $33.6 billion. Furthermore, this company is from the United Kingdom. Also, it has won the customer faith with their high-quality products. They manufactured 1152725 unites in the year 2017.

8.Ford Motor

Henry Ford is the person who starts this company with the name ‘Ford Motor Company’. He established it in 1903. For the time being, they are operating with more than 200000 employees worldwide.

7.Tesla Inc

Tesla Inc owns a market capitalisation of $48.18 billion. Even it was established in 2003, the company has reached immense popularity among car lovers. Elon Musk is the CEO of the company, and he is playing a significant role in the success that Tesla Inc has archived throughout the years.

6.BMW group

BMW Group owns $53.9 billion as its market capitalisation. Also, it is a famous automobile company in Germany. BMW group took its starting point in the year 1916, and now it has reached perfect goodwill among the customers.

5.Honda Motor Co.

Honda Motor Co. is another Japanese multinational company that has received a rank in this list. Honda CR-V, Honda Pilot. And Honda Odyssey is the most popular models by Honda Motor Co. according to the reports, and they have sold more than 5 million cars within the year 2017.

4.General Motors

General Motors owns $52.68 billion as its market capitalisation. The owner of this famous automobile company is Williams Buick. He started this company in 1908. Also, they have now 12,000 dealers who are working in 125 countries. General Motors offers a broad range of models that best suits customers.

3.Daimler AG

Daimler AG gets the 3rd place in the list of the top 10 automobile companies in the world. It has $68.6 billion as the market capitalisation. The most popular model was the Mercedes that received 2.4 million sells. In addition to that, Daimler AG has performed better with manufacturing electric cars.


Volkswagen was founded in 1937. With outstanding performance, they have won perfect goodwill in the automobile industry. For instance, they sold more than 10 million vehicles in 2017. In contrast, Volkswagen operates with two divisions. They are; financial service division and automotive division. The market capitalization is $95 billion.

1.Toyota Motors

Toyota Motors has become the biggest automobile company in the world, with the market capitalisation of $199 billion. Significantly, they have the policy to spend $1 million per hour for R&D in the company. Toyota Corolla was the best model by this company.

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