Top Free Fire tips for beginners and pro gamers

These tips are very useful for you to become a pro in a game. During the quarantine period millions of people download this game, and today it becomes a trending game among the game adductors.

Each and every player want to raise up their ranks. Players need to spend plenty of time if they want to become a pro in a game. But every player is unable to spend much time. So this article will help you with your target. Here are some beginner and advanced tips to reach your goal of becoming a free-fire pro.

1.The first thing you need to remember is not to loot in the open.

If you loot in open and busy in that, you might off your guard, and ultimately it would make an opportunity to your opponent to catch you. So if you want to survive while you are looting you need to move different sides continuously.

2. Use the better claw control mechanism

In popular games, most of the players shift to claw controls. Since Free fire hasn’t many complications, it is better to use thumb layout as possible because you can freely adapt to controls.

3. Adjust the sensitivity settings

This is a very important fact for all the players because the response/ reaction time basically depends on the sensitivity settings. In here you just need to find out suitable sensitivity setting for your playstyle. If you copy other’s settings, it will only lead you to a dead-end only.

4.Enable the default aim precision

Using this strategy, you will be able to land more headshots and automatically reach the target even though your aim is weak. First, you need to do is to crouch the scope then zoom in and finally crouch and fire.

5.Use the jump-shot in a careful manner

You might have the experience that you always overuse jump-shoot. Never use this option unnecessarily. If you use this in such kind of manner, your aim will miss, and you will be targeted by others also. So if you want to become top while using jump-shot, you need to analyse the situation properly to use this option.

You need to practice this continuously before you using ranked mode.

6.Pick up fights in shrink zone

Most of the players got shocked when the shrink zone is close, and even it is the beginning one, they try to withdraw from the fight in the middle of the battle.

When you have advantages, it is better to pick up fights if not withdraw from it.

7.Learn and develop snipping

If you learn to snip, that will make you an advantage in Free fire game. Sniper will help you to remove your enemies/opponents via a distance place, and you don’t need to have any close contacts with them. But there is a chance to lose one of your teammates.

To expertise in the one-shot-one-kill gun is not an easy task. You have practice more. First, you play it in a solo mode every day with suitable snipe attachments. It will be useful for you a lot.

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