Top 10 zombie movies

Zombie apocalypse is the only thing remaining to come this year. After facing the global pandemic many of us are now panicking. Can a zombie apocalypse take place on earth? How could we survive a such epidemic? To get answers you can watch the best zombie movies ever. Out of thousands of zombie movies want to know the top 10 ? Let’s see what we got.

# 10 Train to Busan 

Train to busan is a south Korean zombie movie released in year 2016. Seok-Woo and his daughter is stuck in a train while a zombie outbreak hit the country. The whole country is destroyed.  When they get the news an infected zombie appear in the train as well. Can they survive? Will they be able to reach a safe place? Well, to know this you have to watch the movie.

# 9 World war Z

World war Z is one of the best zombie movies ever. Released in 2013 it is rated with a superb 7/10 in IMDb. Gerry is a former UN agent who has a vast knowledge in military handling. The government recalls him to find out the reason for the outbreak. He refuse the offer. But, if he want to send his family to a safe ship he has to do this. Will he be able to find the place of occurrence? 

# 8 Zombieland top 10 zombie movies

How to survive after the apocalyptic? What challenges a typical US citizen will face after a zombie attack? This movie is full of comedy and horror. Also, it runs with a superb storyline. I would say it is more like a comedy movie than a horror one. So, you can laugh while getting shocked. 

# 7 28 days later

28 days later is also a post apocalyptic movie. It is rated 7.6/10 in IMDb rating. Even as a old school movie still the visual effects are superb and enjoyable.  A person who was in a coma for the past few days raise. But, what he found is not so good. The whole civilization is gone. Will he be able to survive?

#6 Zombies top 10 zombie movies

Zombies is not a typical scary zombie movie. After the zombie outbreak scientists found a mind controlling device which allows them to control zombies to be normal people. But, things are not that normal.  Zombies get a chance to go to schools with normal people. So, what will happen? You must watch this to know.

#5 Alive

Alive is the latest zombie movie. The main character was forced to stay alone during the outbreak. So, he survive the attack. But, later will he be able to manage it all by him self?

#4 top 10 zombie movies Cargo 2017

A family living in a safe house boat get a food shortage. But the whole world is full of zombies all around. So, how could they manage to find some meal? While finding food one of them get infection. They only have 48 hours to save him. Can they do that?

# 3 Extinction 

After the zombie outbreak a group of people leave the town. They start a small shelter to avoid zombies. But, after a few hours the zombies find their shelter. Well, Can they beat the zombie attack? 

# 2 Quarantine top 10 zombie movies

A deadly virus infect a group of people. The government put them under quarantine. Some people turn in to zombies. But, not all. The healthy people try to survive from zombies. 

# 1 Quarantine 2 

They were on a flight. Everything is calm and normal. Suddenly, a flight attendant see one passenger who is sick. When she approach the passenger he try to bite the attendant. They have no where to go. So, how can all other passengers survive? Also, the ground is not safe as zombies are waiting in the airports. How can they survive? 

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