Top 10 TV series in Netflix | The must-watch series

Few years earlier we had to wait for days to watch all episodes of our favourite TV series. But, now you don’t need to wait. Netflix offers your favorite TV series available for you at any time. Out of thousands of Netflix series let’s find out the Top 10 Netflix TV series to watch in 2021.

#10 Sex education – Comedy Genre

Sex education is a comedy drama which has 2 seasons so far. The drama is about a girl who is very tough and she set up a her schoolmate as a sex therapist.

The whole drama is about comedy and fun. So, if you are looking for something to smile about well, this is the best drama to watch.

#9 Top 10 Netflix TV series Sci-fi  Star Trek Discovery

Star trek is a futuristic scientific tv series. The story is about a war between two galactic empires.

The story is pretty good and interesting. However you may not get the story at once. First you will feel curious about the story.

Space wars, technology, robots and spaceships and many more science fictions will delight you through the story.

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#8  Best thriller TV series on Netflix – The stranger

The drama is full of crime, investigation, excitement and sometimes horror as well. A stranger girl appears in town.

She investigates people’s behaviours and reveals all their secrets. What will happen in the town? You have to watch to find out.

#7 Best Dark drama  Netflix – You

Ever wonder what will happen if someone remotely controls you using mental tricks?

A sociopath is using some tricks to insert “him” into an innocent woman’s life. You will feel that you are living inside of the head of a sociopath.

#6 Best documentary TV series on top 10 Netflix list – Our planet

After the industrial revolution the world has changed a lot. Emission of excessive amounts of greenhouse gases causes the globe to warm.

For now it is okay for us. But, what about the wildlife living in Antarctica? Will they be able to survive these rapid changes in climate?

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#5 Best real life Crime drama TV series on  Netflix  – The assassination of Gianni Versace

A show full of excitement. A real life crime drama. A drama which traces the life of an assassin.

After a murder how does he feel? Will he be able to destroy all the evidence? How does the life of a killer flow?

#4 Best crime Drama on top 10 Netflix list – Breaking bad

Crystal meth is a very dangerous drug. But, the demand is very high. The biggest problem in the industry is low purity.

A well qualified chemistry teacher with vast experience starts making meth.

The purity is very high. Looks like they solve the problem. But, now his hands are not clean. They are full of blood.

The drama is full of excitement, science and an unpredictable future.

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#3 Best Drama TV series on  Netflix  – Mad men

This drama runs on events happening in an AD agency located in New York. Not in present. But, in the 1960’s.

Want to know how it feels to live in NY 60 years before? Then you must watch this one.

#2 Best Anime TV series – Naruto

Are you an anime lover? Then you must watch Naruto.

Naruto is a Japanese anime series. The story is about a ninja who is trying to become the leader of his community.

This world famous series was released in 2007. But, the excitement never gets old.

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#1 Best adventure TV series on Netflix – Arrow

Arrow is a master of archery. Also, a superhero who fights against evil.

The story starts with just one man. But, through the seasons new characters come into the show. Hackers, fighters and many more super hero stuff.

If you are an adventure lover this is the best series to waste your time with.

Meta – Breaking bad, Arrow, Naruto, You, and madmen are some of the best TV series on Netflix. Find the Top 10 TV series of each genre on Netflix

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