Top 10 tea factories in the world 2021

There was considerable development in the global tea market within the last few years. On the other hand, who will avoid having a drink such as tea or coffee? The tea industry is enhancing it all the procedures now. So, let’s discuss the top 10 leading companies in this industry.

Tata Global Beverages

Tata Global Beverages provided a great contribution to the tea industry from several types of advancements. Also, it is popular as a company that always be aware of research and developments. In addition to that, the experience that the company has gained throughout the years has been a secret of the success of Tata Global Beverages.


Unilever is another company that conducts its services worldwide. It acquired the existed tea companies and created one massive brand. Also, it operates in several numbers of countries now. Lipton is the most successful brand that won the customer faith in more than 110 countries.

 Associated British Foods

Associated British Foods is a well-established tea producer in the United Kingdom. However, bread baking was their first operation in the journey of business life. On the other hand, it conducts more than one business activity. For instance, Associated British Foods is famous for manufacturing agricultural products, grocery products, and sugar.


Nestle has won a perfect reputation in the world now. For instance, it has become a leading company of producing snacks, breakfast cereals, bottled water, baby food, frozen food, and dairy products. As well as that, the company also produce medical foods. Tea is a major product that offered by Nestle.


ITO EN INC is from Japan. It offers tea, vegetable juices, and coffee. The company selected to serve to a new target customer group in 2001 so that they decided to enter into the market in the United States. Then, ITO EN offered green tea products there. For the time being, this company has become the largest green tea maker in Japan.

 Barry’s Tea

James J. founded the company, Barry’s Tea in 1901. Now the company is considered as an international brand that has won the customer love so much. Furthermore, it operates in several kinds of countries too. Also, Barry’s Tea is the best tea company in Ireland because of its quality tea products.


Merrill J. Fernando founded Dilmah company, and it is a popular brand offered by Sri Lanka. Especially, Dilmah is famous as the most experienced tea maker in the world now. As well as that, it operated several decades and became a leading company. High-quality and the excellence of the service are the secrets of the success of this company. On the other hand, Dilmah is the only competitor that works with Sri Lankan ownership.

 Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings is from the US. Also, it is the biggest herbal tea manufacture in their country. In addition to that, Celestial Seasonings offers more than 50 varieties of tea. Also, it operates in 35 countries now.

 Harry’s and Sons

Harry’s and Sons is a product offered by John Harney. He created it with the purpose of providing fine teas. For the time being, it has a global reputation. It can be considered a great performance too.

 The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea gained perfect growth in the tea industry with more than 25 years of serving to their customers. It was founded in 1992, and they are providing quality products that gain a lot of health benefits.

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