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Top 10 largest insurance companies that offered an excellent service in the world 2021

What are the best insurance companies in the world? It is better to get a proper understanding of the insurance industry as its popularity is growing day by day. In a way, policyholder requires a clear knowledge regarding the companies’ financial stability before applying for coverage from them. Here, we have mentioned the top 10 insurance companies that played a perfect role by offering a faithful and complete service.


Allianz has become the largest insurance company with its asset value of USD 1103.90 billion. Also, their market cap is USD 104.4 billion. Furthermore, Allianz was always a faithful insurance company that provided better coverage for its policyholders. It has established its headquarters in Munich, Germany. Also, it has 147,268 employees for the current moment. Allianz Global Assistance, Allianz Marine & Transit, PIMCO, Euler Hermes, and Hunter Premium Funding are some of its subsidiaries.

2. AXA

AXA is popular for offering so many insurance coverages, including life insurances, health insurance, casualty insurance, and property insurances. AXA has its headquarters in Paris. It is a French multinational insurance company. It has also taken the 2nd place in the list of the largest insurance companies in the world. Moreover, it operates with assets that have a value of USD 113.1 billion. Its market cap is USD 67 billion.

3.Prudential Financial

Prudential Financial was founded in 1875 and now operates with an asset value of USD 896 billion. It has reached great success within the operating period. It has more than 49,705 financial number of employees now. Also, Prudential Financial provides its services for over 40 countries in the world. Its financial products and services include mutual funds, real estate, life insurances, and retirement plans.

4.Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway operates with assets that value more than USD 817 billion. The market cap is USD 554 billion. It has headquarters in Kiewit Plaza, Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Especially, Berkshire Hathaway has performed better if we compare these insurance companies according to the revenue. It has earned USD 247.5 billion within the last year.


The total asset value of MetLife is USD 740.4 billion. The market cap is USD 47.4 billion. It holds big popularity for providing insurance services, annuities, and employee benefits. In addition to that, this insurance company operates in more than 60 countries in the world now.

6.Nippon Life

Nippon Life is the 6th largest insurance company in the world, with the total asset value of USD 740.4 billion. It is also the largest life insurance company that earns the most significant revenue in Japan. The revenue that they have earned is USD 58.23 billion. They provide a faithful service regarding general insurance, health insurance, and life insurance.

7.Japan Post Insurance

 Japan Post Insurance is another insurance company that performs better in Japan. Also, it has taken the 7th place in world records. Japan Post Insurance has an asset value of USD 666.6 billion. In addition to that, it has more than 5,400 employees now.

8. Prudential PLC

Prudential PLC has USD 646.2 billion assets with them. The revenue was USD 93.74 billion. It is a British multinational insurance company that offers life insurances, investment management services, and consumer financial services. Moreover, Prudential PLC has its headquarters in London, UK.

9.Legal & General

The total asset value of Legal & General is USD 62.7 billion. General revenue was USD 83.68 million. It provides services such as life insurances, pensions, annuities, and available insurances. It is another insurance company that has headquarters in London, UK, and it was founded in 1836.

10.Ping An Insurance

 Ping An Insurance is from China, and its total asset value is USD 620.4 billion. The market cap is USD 211.4 billion. It also has an excellent reputation for offering a perfect service regarding life insurances, health insurance, banking, health tech, and asset management.

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