Top 10 Laptop Brands in the World

The laptop has become one of the commonly used devices in the world now. Without a doubt, every person who is looking for purchasing a computer may worry about choosing the best option available for him. Then, what are the top 10 laptop brands? What are the qualities and useful features compared to other alternatives? Let’s have a look at these critical points!


As you all know, Apple is a luxury brand when it comes to computers, smartphones, and tablets. Also, they provide excellent customer support if you are a MacBook user. Then, what are the other benefits of choosing Apple brand?

Their products are super-fast, and the baseline model provides spectacular performances. In addition to that, these products come with excellent battery life too.


HP is operating in this industry for a long period so that it has a piece of better knowledge about how to satisfy customers by offering quality products. HP laptops provide a comprehensive device warranty for up to three years and include AMOLED screens on high-end gadgets.

Moreover, HP has won 22.6% share from the global market. So, most of the HP users have commented positive feedbacks for them.


Lenovo is another famous laptop brand in the world. It was established in 1984. Also, Lenovo is a brand that is quite expensive. However, it won’t be a waste as it offers a valuable feature for you. It has accessible service centres and provides a well-connected network. Furthermore, it has a 25% market share in the global market.


Are you looking for the best Windows laptop? Then, we recommend you to purchase a Dell laptop. Most of the users have commented positively regarding the performance of it. As well as that, Dell is an affordable brand too. Their laptops are light and offer a 30 day return policy.


The speciality of this brand is, they offer a product for particular price ranges. So, it is popular as an affordable laptop. Also, it has a 7% share of the global market. On the other hand, users have a complaint regarding the durability here. Also, warranty management also matters.


Asus comes with in-house manufacturing of motherboards so that it is another laptop brand which is not expensive. Furthermore, it includes an innovative design element and perfect displays. Also, it owns a 5% global market share.


If you are a game lover, MSI will best suits you. So, it has become a leading brand in the industry. Moreover, MSI provides massive processing power and has an excellent build quality.

8.Microsoft Surface

As you all know, Microsoft Corporation is a worldwide famous company because of its software and hardware products. In addition to that, it has become the biggest producer of personal computers. Especially, you will be able to receive a 99% reliability claim. Also, it provides 90-day technical support for the customers.


Razer is another famous brand among the people who prefer for gaming and graphics. Moreover, you can receive technical support through service partners. Also, this brand has a global presence. However, it is quite expensive and includes lower storage.


Samsung comes with slim gadgets and includes a decent set of specifications. However, the user has a negative comment regarding the low battery backup. As well as that, their warranties are not appropriately managed.

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