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Top 10 Insurance Agent Canada

Currently, insurance agents are playing a significant role in society. Because with the globalization world people have more attracted to using insurances. So in that, that case there we can number of insurance companies across the globe.

When talking about the insurance company, we have to talk about an insurance agent who plays a significant role in the insurance company. An insurance agent is a professional in selling the insurance company’s products to the consumer for a commission. He or She helps the consumer to choose the right insurance to buy. Not only that, they help after we determine the insurance, and they always willing to help consumers anytime.

Canada is one of the largest counties. It’s at the peak of the world’s highest economic countries. In Canada, there are we can find many insurance brokers and many insurance companies. So here let’s find out who are the top 10 insurance agents in Canada.

1. Danny Sgro

Danny Sgro is from Jones DesLauriers Insurance, Toronto, Ontario. He is working at the company as a partner, producer, and also as a chief salesperson.

2. Kevin Stedman

Kevin Stedman is also from Jones DesLauriers Insurance. He is also working as a chief sales officer, partner, and producer. He is also known as the hardest working man in this business, and currently, he has claimed 838 clients showing the hardest working man in the Canadian insurance business.

3. Sam J Feldman

Sam J Feldman is taking the 3rd palace of the top 10 insurance agents in Canada. He holds the senior vice presidentship of the Renfrew Insurance Ltd, Calgary, and Alta.

4. Jeff Rodin

Jeff Rodin, the Nacora Insurance Brokers Ltd vice president, Markham, Ontario, takes 4th place on the top insurance agents list.

5. Glenn Murray

Glenn Murray is another gem from Jones Deslauriers Insurance. He is working as a partner, chief salesperson, and also as transportation advisor.

6. John Hubbard

John Hunnard is from the Hubbard Insurance group from Toronto, Ontario, who takes 6th place in Canada’s top 10 insurance.

7. Chris Sikorski

Chris Sikorski from Renfrew Insurance takes 7th place with more than 15 years of experience. Currently, he is leading Renfrew Insurance with ten hardworking employees.

8. Chris Haag

Chris Haag is from Wilson M.Beck Insurance Services Inc., Burnaby, B.C takes 8th place.

9. Joe Palmer

Joe Palmer is taking 9th place on the list working for the Palmer Atlantic Insurance Hartland, N.B

10.Norm Mclntyre

Norm Mclntyre takes the 10th place of the top 10 insurance agents. He is working for the Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada.


Canada has many private and public business sectors around the country. So, there we can find many insurance companies that are always willing to help those businesses. Insurance agents are the main icon of these insurance companies. Because they allow consumers to choose the right insurance for them. Selecting the right insurance is not a thing that a person can do alone. Because there we have to check many things. So that’s why insurance agents are always willing to help. Enter the top 10 list in Canada is not an easy thing to do.

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