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Having an attractive home garden not only adds beauty to your home. You can also use the limited space in the backyard to grow some fresh and healthy vegetables as well. But how about some unique home garden ideas? Limited space, limited resources non of these matters. So, let’s see what are the top 10 best garden ideas for 2021.

#10 Vertical garden

If you have a very limited space vertical garden concept is for you. Well, it may need some advanced technical knowledge. But, it is an interesting thing to follow.

Horizontally the space we have is limited. But, vertically who can limit your space?

In vertical farming techniques such as hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics are used.

#9 Indoor home garden

Some people love to live with plants. Indoor home gardening is a practice which those people can follow to make your home more attractive.

If you want to grow indoor first you need to understand the growth requirements of a plant.

Like we need water and food to survive plants also need some basic factors to survive. They are,

  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Growth media with nutrition

Since it is difficult to provide sunlight artificial lighting will help to provide the required light. Automation systems are available to buy for water and nutrition supply.

#8 Home garden automation top 10 gardening ideas

How to manage a home garden when you don’t have enough time to spend. Well, now your involvement is not essential at all.

You can automate all the processes in your home garden for an affordable cost.

Automation systems are available for the following processes.

  1. Garden watering and fertilizer supply
  2. Pest control
  3. Climate monitoring
  4. Automated lighting

Top 10 garden ideas #7 Hanging plants

If you have a long fence you can use the vertical space of the fence to grow some plants.

Hanging plants are popular in rural areas. Don’t have space. Simply hang them.

When you hang plants consider buying some strong brackets. Planting pots are heavy. So, if the brackets are not strong enough the pots will cause accidents. So, it is better to use strong brackets. Also, you can use lighter plastic pots.

#6 Plant on waste plastic bottles

You don’t need to buy everything to have a perfect home garden. Sometimes you can do innovative things even with waste materials.

Planting on waste plastic bottles is a very popular DIY home gardening idea.

You can either mount them on a wall or just color the bottles and use them to decorate indoor.

#5 Top 10 home garden ideas Rooftop garden

For urban living rooftop garden is the most suitable gardening method.

Plants need light to produce food. Guess what rooftops get the highest amount of light. So, the harvest could be higher than normal.

However, you should use planting pots instead of filling the concrete floor with soil.

Otherwise, water drains will cause damage to your building.

#4 Beautiful paving

No matter what kind of plants you want to grow in your home garden. To add some modern look to the garden you need to install some beautiful paving.

The paving can be either grass or something like paving stones or wood.

#3 Indoor microgreen garden

Microgreens are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. So, if you are a salad lover you can grow some microgreens in your home.

Growing a microgreen garden does not require any advanced knowledge or resources.

You just need some lighting and growth media which you can easily buy from online stores.

#2 The koi pond top 10 garden ideas

A koi pond can add unique beauty to your home garden.

Well, you can do this only if you have plenty of space. A typical koi pond requires at least 10,000 galloons capacity.

Koi fish has a very long lifespan. So, you don’t need to restock frequently. However, maintaining good water quality is essential. To do that you can use a good filtering system. 

#1 Top 10 garden ideas Self-sufficient home garden concept 

After the pandemic, many of us understood how important is it to have at least a few vegetables in the backyard. 

You can use all these methods to create a garden which can provide you enough food to survive for some time.

In the case of a total lockdown, your garden will save you for months.

First, calculate the minimum food requirement of your family and accordingly plan your home garden to provide a good harvest. 

Meta – Automation, Rooftop gardening, Self-sufficient home garden are some of the best ideas to create an organic garden find out the top 10 best garden ideas

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