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The law’s primary focus is on delivering innovative, training-focused, and flexible education and training to enhance professionals’ careers in the legal service industry. This profession that needs globally. It’s an excellent opportunity to study the law of the country where you live. Many people are tempted to apply to the top law universities to get this law degree. The law degree recognition at these best law schools is very high. Below is the University of Law ranking in the world.


1. Stanford University

2. University of Cambridge

3. University of Oxford

4. The University of Chicago

5. Yale University 

6. Duke University

7. New Yoke University

8. UCL

9. Harvard University

10. University of Melbourne


This law college is known for having the lowest student to staff ratios. Its educational activities are very high. Various law courses begin with a first-year overview, covering crime, contracting, torture, legal research, and writing. After completing the first year, students can choose from 280 subjects of their choice in the field of interest. This law library contains about 500,000 books. There are also 12 law journals affiliated with this law college.


The Law Library is one of the three largest law library collections in the United Kingdom, with nearly 180,000 volumes. This collection contains groups of legal systems worldwide, including the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, which are the strongest in British law. There are also small additions to other countries. 


This law faculty is one of the largest in the UK. University consists of 30 affiliated law colleges, and the student-staff ratio is approximately 7: 1. The best college in the United States to study for a law degree. Here is a collection of advanced libraries.


The Law College was first opened in 1902. The Socratic teaching method is very popularly used by the faculty members of the Law College. It means that they do not use lectures on students and instead engage in robust dialogue, asking them to consider some more complex legal and social issues. This method develops students’ ability to think and reason when they are under pressure.


The Admissions Procedure or Selection Process for this Law College is one of the most selected in the United States. Less than 10 percent of applicants are chosen each year. The school allows students to represent clients during their study sessions and runs several clinics for them. About 80 percent of law students attend these clinics before graduation. Clinics cover a wide range of legal aspects.

6.Duke University

This university is the law school of Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina, United States. One of Duke’s ten schools and colleges, the School of Law is a constituent academic unit that began in 1868. Duke Law is consistently ranked top law schools in the United States and admits about 20 percent of applicants.

7.New Yoke University

Globally, NYU Law is ranked as one of the best law schools in the world. New York University School of Law was founded in 1835, making it the oldest law school in New York City.


School of Law and also referred to as UCLA Law, is one of the professional schools at the University of California, Los Angeles. It was founded in 1949. The UCLA Law school is one of the oldest law schools within the University of California system.

9.Harvard University

 Approximately 560 students per year attend each class, making them one of the largest law schools in the United States. The first-year study is dividing into seven sections of approximately 80 students and provides primary education. It is the oldest law school in America and one of the most prestigious in the world.

10.University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is another public research university. It locates in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 1853, Graduate research degree places at Melbourne Law School are very competitive, and only approximately 15 applicants are accepted each year.


These law degrees offers by the best law schools in the world. These are recognized in any country globally. These law colleges have reached the top of the rankings due to their superior qualities.

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