Top 10 Credit Card Company

Currently, credit cards are playing a significant role in the business culture. Because credit cards are making life so more comfortable when working in the business sector. Once you involve in a business, you will realize the benefit of the credit card.

Banks issue credit cards according to their client’s wealth. If you are a wealthy person, you can apply for a credit card from your bank. But some banks do not issue credit cards quickly because they give incomparable benefits with their credit cards.

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1.American Express

American Express bank, also known as Amex bank best known for its credit cards and charge cards. The company was founded in 1850. In 2017 Forbes named America Express as the 23rd most valuable brand in the world. The bank well knows for its world-famous credit card American Express Gold® Card.

2. Bank of America 

Bank of America takes 2nd place on the world’s top 10 credit card companies list. The company was founded in February 1784 based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company is well known for its multination national investments. The bank is famous for its Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Credit Card.


Barclays is a British bank that was founded in November 1690. According to the reports I 2018, the company’s operating income showed $4.48 billion and $27.11 billion in revenue. Uber Visa Card is the most popular visa card on this bank.

4.Capital One

Capital One bank is the best know for its Capital One® Venture® Rewards Card and Capital One® Savor® Rewards Credit Card. The bank is well known for auto loans.

5.Credit One

US-based Credit One bank specializes in credit cards. Their Credit One Platinum Cash Back Rewards credit card is the most famous credit card in the USA. Currently, 7 million cards are circulating in the USA.


Chase is the most famous bank in the world. Chase, also known as JPMorgan Chase Bank, based on the U.S.Chase bank, is the largest bank in the US and is well known for its famous Chase Sapphire Reserve Card because it is tales the top ten list of best credits cards in the world.


Citibank is an American multinational bank which is the 3rd largest bank in the USA. Citibank is playing a significant role in the credit card world, circulating over 67 million cards around the USA.


In 1985 Discover was founded as a subsidiary of Sears, and in 2007 the bank became independent. The bank holds the record of the first cashback credit card. Currently, 50 million cards are circulating in the USA.

9.PNC Bank

PNC Bank is based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The bank largest 6th bank in the world and they operate over 5million cards.


Synchrony is famous for providing private label credit cards in the US. The company was founded in 2003. Their notable credit cards are Cathy Pacific Visa And Amazon Prime Store Card.


Now credit cards have become part of human life because credit cards can make life easier and comfortable. Because when using a credit mean you are carrying a massive amount of money in a small card.

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