Top 10 Attorney Cases

What are top attorney cases?

The top attorney cases ever heard in the world are in history. The lawyers who spoke in these criminal cases are known as the best lawyers in the world. Thus there are a large number of well-known criminal lawyers. Getting the services of the best lawyers is a challenging task. 

Their charges are also very high. Standard cases do not speak for themselves. “Who is the best criminal lawyer in the world?” Well, known lawyers do the following as they research these searches every year.


The best lawyers have spoken out against many of the world’s most serious crimes, such as murder, murder, divorce, fraud, and betrayal. It is not easy to speak of severe cases that have attracted worldwide attention. Everyone is waiting for justice to be done, and those cases need to be carefully studied and talked about as they will change the case word for word. Often in murder cases, it is fair to impose the maximum punishment on the accused. In divorce cases, the court also seeks to add the couple at the last moment without divorcing them anyway. In fraud cases, fines are also levied for the extent of the fraud. Crimes such as rape are punishable by a maximum of Rs. Political issues are often unimaginable. The following is the list of lawyers who have settled such a particular case globally, and they are settling claims with it. 

1. Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority v Farhad Azima

 High Court, Chancery Division, January 20, 20 days

2. West Coast Trains Partnership Limited & Ors v Department for Transport & Ors

 High Court, Technology and Construction Court, Jan 2020, three weeks

3. Amjad Rihan v E&Y Global Limited, E&Y Europe LLP, E&Y (EMEIA) Services Limited, EYGS LLP

 High Court, Queen’s Bench Division, 27 January, three weeks

4. Michael O’Higgins FX Class Representative Ltd; Phillip Evans FX Claim U.K.; Allianz Global Investors GmbH & Ors v Barclays Bank plc, Citibank N.A., JPMorgan Chase & Co & Ors

5. CIS General Insurance v the IBM United Kingdom

 High Court, Technology and Construction Court, 4 March 2020, seven weeks

6. Vannin Capital PCC v RBOS Shareholders Action Group Limited, John Greenwood & Ors

 High Court, Chancery Division, 16 March 2020, six days

7. National Bank of Kazakhstan and Republic of Kazakhstan v The Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV London Branch, Anatolie Stati, Gabriel Stati, Ascom Group S.A. & Terra Raf Trans Training

 High Court, Financial List, 23 March 2020, two weeks

8. Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven and German Khan v Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd

 Queen’s Bench Division, March 2020, four days

9. Johnny Depp v News Group Newspapers and Dan Wootton

 High Court, Queen’s Bench Division, March 2020, two weeks

10. Tyndaris v VWM Limited

 High Court, Commercial Court, 27 April 2020, four weeks


The most critical lawyers in the world often come forward to solve important cases. Winning a law case is not an easy thing. It needs so many strategies. So there are only a few lawyers who use the most powerful technique to win law cases.

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