Top 10 Best tips to know in the Battlegrounds

Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds tips are very useful for the users for survival purpose and win the battles. When all the players are focusing on the same thing, it is not easy to win. But if you use those tactics in PUBG, you have a higher possibility of surviving in the battle, and that will carry you to the victory.

1.Try to hide out in the blue early on

At the beginning of the game taking damages is not a good sign for the surviving up to the finals. So try to stay alive with getting minimum damages as possible. If you stay at the edge of the blue circle with better healing options. Others might not expect you to be there and able to say for a long time. Ultimately you will be safe and sound.

2. Find a better place than others can’t hit you

Most of the players think that the buildings are better options to stay alive. But if your opponent knows you are there and block the exit. You have nowhere to go and then you unable to survive. So just try to find good places such as ridges, dip, hill or somewhere your opponent unable to beat.

3.Select a good helmet

If you want to fight until you win, you have to grab a good helmet and vest. You need to take or grab the highest level of equipment as possible when you fight with others. Because level three helmets protect you from headshots and it will survive you throughout the game.

4.Change the level of the equipment according to the circumstances.

The vests you need to choose will depend on different circumstances. At the end of the game, if you have a lot of fights, the most important thing is persistence. So undamaged level two is more useful than damaged three. Because it lasts for a long period, but if you have few people ant the end damaged level three can become useful for you to make the game win.

5. Always stay at the border and play

Keep this strategy in your mind as possible when you are in the late game. This will help you to stay alive. The only thing you have to do is play at the border and run-in with it and focus in front of you. But if you say in the middle, you have to focus on everywhere.

6.Keep boost yourself up to the late game

You need to stay healthy in the late game. You need to boost and re-energise your health from energy drinks and painkillers, because at the end that health recovery will help you to win the battle.

7.Hide in the bushes

This might seem to you a bad option. Although it is a risky option if others do not see you in the bushes, others won’t shot you, and you have a chance to hide for a moment. If you wear clothes in bright colours, don’t forget to take it off when you are hiding in the bushes.

8.Finally pick your battles

If you want to stay alive, you have to pick more battles. If not, you won’t get a chance to win. Since you want the victory, you have to kill others and walk out the battles successfully. You have to analyse the situation according to the different circumstances and then get the better option that will help you to stay alive.

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